A troupe of teen actresses telling their stories through writing and performance

Welcome to the Girls Surviving blog. We are creating this blog to reflect on the process we use in our work with teenage girls. We are two artists, Paula and Carolyn, who have been teaching writing, theater, and storytelling for many years. We are also mothers of daughters who had a hard time navigating their teens. We believe they would have benefited from a program that provided them with a safe place to talk about what it's like to be a teenage girl and to discover their unique artistic voices. Seven years ago, we began to form a troupe of teen girls who, we thought, could write and perform plays based on the experiences that inform their lives. Since then, we've watched the girls in the Girls Surviving troupe begin to take control of their lives with self-confidence and courage. We are writing to parents, teachers, counselors, and other artists who interact with girls in the hope that this blog will raise awareness of and open conversations about the lives of girls who are growing up in our complicated times.

“I have lived a very hectic life. I would consider myself as not a survivor but as a girl surviving.”

Girls' Writing

Open Door, Open Mind

Standing by the closed door,
I felt apprehensive.
What was I getting into?
Would I feel comfortable?
Would it be stressful?
Would I...
"Stop!" I ordered myself.
There was only one way to discover the answers.
By opening the door and passing through.

Upon my entry,
Anxiety turned to excitement,
Worried questions changed to wonderful possibilities.
Doubt transformed to determination.
As the door opened,
So too did my mind open up,

To anything and everything to come.

by Amy, a new troupe member 10/1/14

Truth Held Captive
by The Girls Surviving Troupe

Lies.  Deception.
Oh yeah, and the truth.
Selective truths…they
aren’t lies but unrevealed
actualities. What is the truth?
The truth is being held captive.  
Locked away.
Is communication even possible?
but in a relationship it’s key
Tell me what’s on your mind.
Open your heart and I’ll do
the same.

From Selective Truths

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